A four-day on-line journey with live, interactive sessions

Heart Energy Achieving Real Transformation

You are invited to join a HEART journey to listen to all beings of Nature for guidance on positive action for yourself, the environment, and the planet. The White Lion Prides who roam in protected areas of their endemic homelands, guide you on this journey.

This is our eighth Virtual Journey to the HeartLands, home to the sacred White Lions of the Greater Timbavati region in South Africa. You are given the opportunity to immerse yourself into the lands each morning as you are taken on a virtual journey to the prides, who roam freely in the protected space of the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

You will have time to connect, listen and communicate with the land and all the Nature beings who greet you in this virtual space.

The first day is one of introduction and processing. You will need time in between the live on-line sessions to be in a quiet space to process and journal your experiences, or to just examine the insight and awareness that has come to you during your time connecting with the heartlands. You will be invited to share in the private community forum during this time.
The second day Wynter leads us deeper into the heart connection, and you will learn how you, as an individual, are able to pick up messages from all of Nature's beings; how to trust those messages; and how to work with them in your daily life. Linda Tucker, Founder of the Global White Lion Protection Trust & Keeper of the White Lions, leads you through the Mysteries of the White Lions and the Nile Meridian.

On our final day together, we as a pride and individuals, commit to a course of action according to the messages received from Mother Nature and the principles of the HEART Method.

Included in this Journey

  • Exclusive Footage

    Immerse yourself into the sights and sounds of the greater Timbavati bushveldt, as if you were on a dawn "bush drive". All video footage is recorded by your hosts in as real time as possible, exclusively for you.

  • Guided communications

    Linda Tucker, who bears the mantle of "Keeper of the White Lions", facilitates the ceremonial space, introducing you to the sacred lands.

    International Intuitive Interspecies Communication expert, Wynter Worsthorne, guides you into a heart communication with all Nature's beings who presents themselves during your time here.

  • H.E.A.R.T.

    Together we co-create real positive transformation with Mother Nature, by working with the HEART method developed by Wynter. From the guidance received during our communications, we start the process of manifesting a new, positive way forward for harmonious coexistence.

Important Information

    1. Announcement Page

    1. Practicalities

    2. Introduction to Animal Communication with HEART

    3. Enelani's Recipes - Suggested Meals to Choose From

    1. Founding Pride's Family Tree

    2. Location Maps

    3. Return of the White Lion Documentary

    4. Kruger Park Nature Guide

    1. Introduction to Camp Unicorn at Tula/Tsau

    1. 3rd May @ 4pm Lion-time Opening Ceremony and Intention settings

    2. 4th May @ 6am Lion-time Morning Lion Check

    3. 4th May @ 4pm Lion time Workshop and Sharing information

    4. 5th May @ 6amLion-time Morning Lion Check

    5. 5th May @ 4pm Lion time Sharing and HEART

    6. 6th May @ 6am Lion time Morning bush visit

    7. 6th May @ 4pm Lion time Consolidating and closing

Donation in Support of Lions, Land and People!

  • $480.00
  • HEART Pride member discounts
  • Donation plan and other options

Are you ready to Commit?

Do you feel ready for a HEART Storm with Nature?

  • Commitment to the time and sacred space is imperative

  • This commitment is in service to Mother Nature

  • Self awareness and respect for all beings with unconditional love at the core, guides this journey at every moment

The Journey starts on 3rd May 2024

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What past participants are saying

5 star rating

Heartwarming and touching StarLion Journey

Magdalena Plattner

With every Virtual StarLion journey the portal to the divine realms open a little further for me. I am deeply grateful for this precious gift. Thank you from...

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With every Virtual StarLion journey the portal to the divine realms open a little further for me. I am deeply grateful for this precious gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making these journeys possible for us!

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