The Practitioner Certification course

With 24 case studies

Please note you have to have completed the Animaltalk Africa Intermediate Course in order to qualify for enrollment in this course.

This course aims to prepare you for the Professional Practitioner Certification. 

The modules focus on guiding you in the ethics and practicalities of becoming a professional animal communicator. 

Once you have completed the modules you will be asked to submit 24 successful case studies in order to achieve your certificate. This certificate mean that you can practice as a professional Animal Communicator under the banner of Animaltalk Africa.

Wynter talks about the Practitioner's Course

Practitioners Course curriculum

    1. WELCOME to the Practitioner's Course

    2. About the Practitioner's Course

    3. Code of Ethics

    4. Soul Service with Carolyn Myss


    2. Topic 1 – Introduction

    3. Topic 2 - Getting Started

    4. Topic 3 – Clients

    5. Topic 3 - Sample Form Letter for New Clients

    6. Topic 4 – Being Prepared


    2. TOPIC 1- Clearing & Protecting

    3. TOPIC 2 - Setting Boundaries

    4. TOPIC 3 - Looking after yourself

    5. Topic 4 -Team Work


    2. TOPIC 1 - Challenges with Clients

    3. TOPIC 2 - EGO

    4. TOPIC 3 – Threat

    5. TOPIC 4 – Neediness

    6. TOPIC 5 – Skeptics


    2. TOPIC 1 – Integrity

    3. TOPIC 2 - Sample Case Studies - Janine Opheim

    4. TOPIC 2 - Sample Case Studies - Lorraine Turner

    5. TOPIC 3 – Submission Process

    6. TOPIC 4 – Check List

    1. Format for Case Studies

    2. Practitioners Case-study uploads

About this course

  • $1,060.00
  • 54 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

Details about the Practitioner Course

The Advanced and Certification Course consists of  4 Modules with meditations, exercises and videos 

  • Taking this work onto a professional level 
  • Dealing with Clients 
  • Making a Difference 
  • Becoming familiar with the code of Ethics of being a professional Animal Communicator 
  • Submitting 24 case studies 

This course aims to prepare you for the Practitioner certification.
The modules focus on guiding you in becoming a professional animal communicator.
It will help in your interactions with the humans who are the friends and custodians of the animals, as well as the animals themselves.
Ultimately we want to see that you are able to make a positive difference in the lives of the animals and their humans though your process of interspecies communication. The course content guide you to use different tools and other modalities and when to receive assistance from other professional health care practitioners in order to work holistically with each case.

Once you have completed the modules and you will be ready to submit 24 case studies. 

You are encouraged to do at least one study per week during your practitioner training. 

We ask you to submit only the most successful of your sessions. The figure of 24 gives you time to select a minimum of 2 case studies per month. 

Once you have achieved your Practitioner certificate, you will be placed on AnimaltalkAfrica’s international list of reputable animal communicators. Wynter will then personally be able to recommend you to clients. This will mean that you can charge people for providing a genuine service that will directly benefit them and their animal friends, in the knowledge that you have qualified to do so by completing a formal training programme. 

You will also be part of an international community of qualified animal communicators who could refer clients to each other (particularly for home visits in different cities and countries) and give each other support.