About the Intermediate Course

The aim of this course is to help you become more confident about using your skills; overcoming any challenges; and addressing any fear which may be preventing you from moving forward. 

This Intermediate Course could help you find your purpose and show you how best you can work with the knowledge and understanding that you now have.

The Intermediate Course consists of;

5 Modules with meditations, exercises and videos 

  • Deepening your practice
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Recognising your strengths 
  • Finding your path 

This Intermediate course is designed for those who have completed the Animaltalk Africa Introduction to Animal Communication Course as the next step in your Animal Communication Journey.
Please do not apply to take this course unless you have completed the INTRODUCTION course.

The aim of this course is to help you become more confident about using your skills. During the course you will be encouraged to do some deep inner work in order to address any pre-conditionings or belief systems that may be preventing you from moving forward. 

This course will help you find your purpose and show you how best you can work with the knowledge and understanding of the wisdom of the natural world that you have now attained. 

The Lessons take you through some very deep processing. 

It will take time to work through all of the exercises and to do the inner work needed. Be assured that you will be guided every step of the way by qualified professional facilitators, who have created a safe space for you to do this.  

By committing to this course, you will clearly enhance your skills, taking your work to another level in order to make a positive difference in the world.


Facilitated by Wynter Worsthorne

Founder & Core Facilitator Wynter Worsthorne

Wynter started her journey into the world of intuitive interspecies communication in 2001. She teaches workshops internationally, is the author of "Where is Biggles?"and created the Animaltalk Africa Online Academy in 2010. Her great love is Africa and Her wildlife, she works closely with the Global White Lion Protection Trust and has recently started focusing on the plight of the African Elephant and Rhino. She is also a founding member of the Wildlife Animal Protection Forum of South Africa. Wynter is your core facilitator and will be assessing most of your assignments, offering you personal guidance all the way through. She holds regular group calls for all students on various subjects.

Intermediate Course curriculum

    1. INTERMEDIATE COURSE - A message from Wynter

    2. How to use this course

    3. Intermediate Course Module Overview

    1. Module One- OVERVIEW

    2. TOPIC 1 – Confidence

    3. TOPIC 1 - Personal Challenges

    4. TOPIC 1 - Meditation - Follow the LION

    5. TOPIC 2 - Finding your joy

    6. TOPIC 2 - ASSIGNMENT - Finding your Joy

    7. TOPIC 3 - Self Assessment

    8. TOPIC 3 - ASSIGNMENT for Self Assessment

    9. TOPIC 4 - Strengths and Weaknesses

    10. TOPIC 4 - ASSIGNMENT - Trust that you will get what you need

    1. Module Two - OVERVIEW

    2. TOPIC 1 - Facing your Fears

    3. TOPIC 2 - Centering

    4. TOPIC 2 - Exercise in all the “what if’s”

    5. TOPIC 3 - Heart Breathing with Safaya Salter

    6. Finding the Seed of Calm - Meditation

    1. Positive Visualisation

    2. Global Meditations for Lions and Nature

    1. Module Three- OVERVIEW

    2. TOPIC 1 - Working with your strengths

    3. TOPIC 1 - Activism versus Sacred Activism

    4. TOPIC 2 – The Big Picture - Meditation

    5. TOPIC 3 - Finding your Path - Meditation

    1. Module Four - OVERVIEW

    2. TOPIC 1 - Interspecies

    3. TOPIC 2 – Inanimate Objects & Healing through Self

    4. TOPIC 3 - Working with Wild Nature

    5. TOPIC 4 - Eco Treaties

About this course

  • $540.00
  • 44 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

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You are a gift to all who need your voice

Allison Penny

Thank you Wynter for teaching me so much through this course. My place is with Nature and the animals and to be able to connect has brightened each and every day. I am not at the end of this journey and will continue on as I have much to learn. Thank you so much for all that you do! You are a gift to all who need your voice and you give with such love and devotion, care, compassion and bring hope to all.

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Students who sign-up before then will still be able to enrol in the practitioner course at the pre-July 2024 rate until 1st October 2024.
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