Meditations with Wynter

Guiding you in the subtle art of animal communication – 7 Meditations to enhance your connection with the natural world around you. 

Over the years, Wynter has written a number of different meditations and visualisation exercises which she works with in her teaching. This cd has taken a good few years to manifest and finally this superb collection, with the beautiful healing sounds of Chris Tokalon is now available to you. 

These tracks are available here as a Digital Download only:

  • Releasing Negativity - A breathing exercise to clear your mind
  • Meeting your Animal Spirit Guide - Working with African energy
  • A Journey into the Light - Re-uniting with an animal friend who has crossed into the light
  • Meditation for healing - Experiencing the healing energies
  • You are a Being of Light - Becoming familiar with your energy body
  • Being a Cat - Experiencing what it is like to be in feline form
  • Grounding Yourself - Bringing you back to earth

(Note: These tracks are free with the Introduction Course)