About this Webinar

Wynter teaches you how to communicate with your wild neighbours

Well known Animal Communicator, Wynter Worsthorne has recently relocated to a place called Wilderness in South Africa. Living alongside nature in all it's glory brings many teachings about what Nature needs from us, and how Nature can support us in our daily lives. Join Wynter to learn further wisdoms from various forms of wildlife that she has communicated with during her time here, from Wasps and Butterflies to Turacos, Monkeys and Baboons. The webinar includes an opening meditation as well as a meditation to help you deepen your connection with wild nature. Whether you live in a big city, on a farm or in a wilderness this webinar will open you up to the possibilities of truly BEing in communion with Mother Nature and all her children. (Banner photo by Rob T Smith, with thanks)


  • Opening meditation

    At the start of each webinar, Wynter guides you into a connecting and grounding meditation.

  • Heart meditation

    Wynter will lead you into the method of connecting with your heart in order to communicate with your own wilderness.

  • Q & A

    Before the end of the meeting, Wynter will answer any questions you may have.