Learn Animal Communication online

The AnimaltalkAfrica Academy offers one-on-one Animal communication tuition where you can study on-line alongside an International community of students in your own time and space.

Animaltalk Africa’s Online Academy (ATAOA) has been developed by Wynter Worsthorne over the last twelve years. She is the core facilitator for all of the courses, with  Janine Opheim assisting on the introduction course and student practice sessions. 

The Mentorship programme for students is a new, added benefit for all courses. The mentors are students who have moved through the courses successfully. Some have gone on to become full time practitioners and others just use their skills in their day to day life. They understand the challenges of working via correspondence and at your own pace- and are there to encourage you each step of the way. 

The three fundamental online courses are: 

  • The Introduction Course (An Introduction to Animal Communication)
  • The Intermediate Course (to deepen your practice) 
  • The Practitioner Certification Course(if you are considering becoming a professional)

We now offer short courses 

  • Mini and intensive courses on Animal Communication 
  • Include live tuition sessions with Wynter.

Webinars on the same platform

  • Past webinars on various subjects
  • Live webinars with Wynter and guests