Just what IS Animal Communication?

Wynter Worsthorne explains how this is a skill that anyone can learn!

Can you really talk with all Animals?

The answer is YES! 

Have you ever felt that your dog, cat or other animal friend knows exactly what you are thinking?

Have you always wanted to understand what they are trying to tell you? 

Were you told, as a child, that “you can’t talk with animals – they wouldn’t understand”?

AnimalTalk Africa online Academy is here to dissolve the myth that it is impossible to communicate intuitively with other species. It has been shown many times that we CAN communicate with the animals. In fact Intuitive Interspecies Communication  (IIC) is now being  internationally recognised as a practical method to assist all animal beings.  These courses are designed to help you to do exactly that. 

These courses are for you if you want to:

  • Deepen your relationship with all animals and Nature

  • Speak with and listen to your animal companions and understand their needs

  • Get insight into behavioral issues and find solutions

  • Assist with the physical health of your animal friends by understanding their issues

  • Help your animal friends when it is time for them to transition

  • Communicate with all animals over any distance

  • Become a professional Animal Communicator

  • Make a valuable positive difference in the world

  • Find a dedicated community of like-hearted people

Your Instructors and Guides

Wynter Worsthorne - International Interspecies Communicator

Founder & Core Facilitator Wynter Worsthorne

Wynter started her journey into the world of intuitive interspecies communication in 2001. She teaches workshops internationally, is the author of "Where is Biggles?"and created the Animaltalk Africa Online Academy in 2010. Her great love is Africa and Her wildlife, she works closely with the Global White Lion Protection Trust and has recently started focusing on the plight of the African Elephant and Rhino. She is also a founding member of the Wildlife Animal Protection Forum of South Africa. Wynter is your core facilitator and will be assessing most of your assignments, offering you personal guidance all the way through. She holds regular group calls for all students on various subjects.

Assistant & Facilitator of practice sessions Janine Opheim

Janine grew up in Australia but now lives in Norway. She met Wynter in 2004 when they both lived in England and she qualified as a practitioner through Wynter's Animaltalk Africa Online Academy in 2016. Janine is a participant of the White Lion Leadership Academy and supports Wynter with the ATAOA Forum and holds practice sessions for students. She assists Wynter with facilitation of the Introduction Course

New Features

  • Meditations

    You will now find new meditations that you can access for free to include in your daily practice with the animals.

  • Live Webinars and Replays

    All Wynter's webinars, past and upcoming can now be accessed here.

  • Live sessions - new offerings

    The Academy now offers short courses which include live teaching sessions.

What others are saying

This course opened a new world to me

Pilu Hermosilla

This course is fantastic. It opens a complete new world, and it is the most beautiful. I took the course because I had sensed messages from animals and I was very happy to find there was a possibility for everyone to develop some skills. I am still quite incredulous about my ability to get the right info from the animals I have tried to connect with –but now I believe I can connect, I have seen that with my own dogs! The assignments really test our skills and makes us go the extra mile.

Thank you for making this world better!

Borbala Molnar

Dear Wynter, Thank you for making this world better by offering this course! Thank you for all your guidance, support, and understanding. The content of your course is more interesting and enriching than any other studies I've done so far. Your course has changed my life and made me a better person. I feel I can contribute to the "light" of this world, because you have shown me how to understand animals, nature, and myself. I have learned how to meditate and now I'm enjoying the benefits of re-connecting to the universe. People around me also flagged a noticeable change in my behaviour. Quoting someone, I have transitioned from a "neurotic geek to a relaxed, composed and kinder individual" I am thankful that my path was guided to your Course, where you enlighten people and produce balanced individuals who are able to contribute to a better world.

Your course has given me so much clarity about my life path

Jean Arnott

Hello Wynter, thank you again for all your support throughout the course. I am so grateful for and excited about the feedback you’ve given me! I will make sure to use your advice when I continue to practice. I truly cannot comprehend how much this course has resonated with me. It has given me so much clarity about my life path which I have never had before. It has profoundly impacted my life and I look forward to furthering my studies soon!

My animal communication skills have grown immensely since participating in your correspondence programs.

Maureen Manning

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, my animal communication skills have grown immensely since participating in your correspondence programs. I am looking forward to continuing this journey with your advanced program, it sounds exciting!

Thank you for this opportunity to reconnect with my animal friends and myself

Oriana Moltisanti

Wynter, Thank you for this opportunity to reconnect with my animal friends and myself (my inner child). I found Your meditations and guidance, throughout the course, very clear, healing and effective.

This course gave me inner calm and strength

Anthea Myburgh

“Life still presents its challenges, but I am finding doing this work is giving me an inner calm and strength I do not recall having before. So thank you for helping to open up a new world for me.”

No matter what the future holds, this has truly changed my life!

Lelani Reichart

I struggle to work in groups and was absolutely elated to find a correspondence course available that I could explore on my own. Little did I know how much this course would teach me, touch me, challenge me, stretch me and open me. If you work the course and open your heart, the course will work for you. When you stumble, Wynter will help. Ultimately, this for me is about finding the courage to face every emotion to its fullest extent. No matter what the future holds, this has truly changed my life!”

The work of animal communication is a true gift!

Maya Keidar

“I feel it is such a gift of true hope the work of animal communication, and of being able to meet with the natural world on a deeper level and share our life here.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do these courses work?

    The AnimaltalkAfrica Online Academy is a dedicated learning site where all course material can be accessed at any time. The lessons consist of written instruction along with some videos and references. There is no time limit in which the lessons need to be completed, you learn in your own time and space, and assignments can be completed as you progress to them in the Course. Assignments and feedback are all submitted through the site. Each student receives their unique username and password and all correspondence through the site is completely private and secure.

  • How do I submit assignments?

    Assignments are uploaded as a document (pdf or word) and submitted through this site. You will receive feedback via email and get notified when your assignment is approved.

  • How can I connect with other students?

    There is a Student Community Forum for general questions as well as individual lesson-specific Discussion boards where you can ask questions, share experiences, practice your animal communication and connect with a global community of fellow students and other practitioners. Here past students and mentors give you support and encouragement along the way.

  • How else can I connect with the facilitators & students?

    Regular group webinars with Wynter and other facilitators on various subjects help keep you on the ball with your studies, alongside practice sessions facilitated by your facilitator, Janine Morris Opheim.

  • What do I receive at the end of a course?

    Once you have completed all lessons and submitted all assignments required for each course, you will receive a certificate of successful completion. The Advanced Practitioner course qualifies you as a professional and you will be listed on Animal Talk Africa's international list of recommended professionals. Your qualification will also allow you to get professional insurance as a qualified Animal Communicator.

  • If I have attended a live introduction workshop can I jump to the intermediate course?

    A live 'weekend' Introduction Workshop with Wynter or any other animal communicator teacher is not sufficient to qualify you to sign up for the Intermediate Course. The Introduction Course takes you much deeper and is far more detailed in learning all the different methods and subjects and is designed to prepare you fully for the next step towards practicing intuitive interspecies communication.

  • Can I sign up for the Practitioner Course if I have been studying with another animal communication teacher?

    Wynter prefers you to do the training for the Practitioner Course by starting from the Introduction Course and then on to the Intermediate Course. The courses are extremely thorough and cover information that many other teachers do not. Doing each course in sequence prepares you thoroughly for becoming a professional and ethical animal communicator, in alignment with the Animaltalk Africa ethos.

  • Can I join the Academy without signing up for the Intro Course?

    YES! There are many other offerings which you can access here. Including free meditations and webinars. We also have new short courses available.

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5 star rating

Beautiful introduction

Paola Conti

I loved the introduction and especially the wisdom of Credo Mutwa

I loved the introduction and especially the wisdom of Credo Mutwa

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5 star rating

Intermediate Course Review

Rosemary kimble

Great course. Really helped me let go of some things that were blocking my from my highest potential. Thank you for creating it.

Great course. Really helped me let go of some things that were blocking my from my highest potential. Thank you for creating it.

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